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    Christel House India, founded in 2001, is a prolific charitable organization with a difference. The mission of Christel House India is to provide quality education, nutrition, health care and key life skills to enable children to break the cycle of poverty. This holistic approach of Christel House India equips children with confidence for a brighter future. But in its essence, Christel House India is a sanctuary for children to escape into, a refuge of safety where they can gain the strength and skill to realize their true potential.

    The founder of the institute, Christel DeHaan, originally from Germany, grew beyond her circumstances of poverty and war to become the philanthropist and visionary she is today. Through the difficult times, Christel's education, determination and love for the arts kept her grounded. After many successful years in the corporate arena, Christel's life changed when she traveled to Mexico in 1998. The deplorable conditions that many of the children grew up in motivated her to set up a foundation that would change the course of their future. Christel House International now has centers across the globe including Venezuela, South Africa and the United States of America, aside from India. To this day Christel DeHaan is actively associated with several charitable institutions and campaigns, and has taken time out of her busy schedule to fly down to Bangalore, India & support the Modern & Contemporary Indian Art Auction.

    Christel House came to India in 2001, starting a center in bangalore that now supports over 900 children from the lower income households. The Christel House India Learning Centre takes complete responsibility for every child from early school years right up to vocational training. The curriculum provides a rigorous education with emphasis on English, Mathematics, Computer Science and Basic Skills. The centre also pays special attention to inculcating independence, integrity and respect. One of the ways this is done is by assuring job placements after graduation, allowing the young adults to stay on course with their education. The aim of the organization is to instill self-belief in the children by integrating them into society.

    Apart from education, Christel House India also ensures every child quality health care, good food, nutrition and a caring environment. The infrastructure of the school also reaches out to the parent and the community to create awareness on social rights, hygiene, legalities amongst other key areas. The idea is to bridge the gap between the home and school environments, causing minimum conflict for the children. Christel House India understands that every member of the community must accept responsibility to raise a child.

    The ultimate aim of Christel House India is to empower children to follow their dreams and become integrated citizens of the world. You could visit http://www.in.christelhouse.org, for more information.

    Christel House India

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